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“The way to somebody’s heart is through their stomach”

And we, Mogul Kitchen, are here to do just that through our intriguingly delicious Indian-Mughlai inspired dishes. Though, the etymological link of the Mughlai cuisine isn’t readily apparent to the untrained ears, but we know what this cuisine offers and the savory magic it has on people of all ages. We are here with ready-to-eat, frozen non-veg snacks that are traditional yet unpretentious. Our long list of gutsy starters includes Dilli chicken seekh Kebabs , Chicken Seekh kebabs, chicken malai boti, chicken boti kebabs, crispy chicken fries, chicken burger patty, chicken popcorn, chicken cheese nuggets and the list goes on.


You don’t have to stay in Lucknow to get your Lucknowi food fixed as we are here with dishes that will take you to straight to the streets of Lucknow. Some of our regionally inspired dishes include our very popular Chicken Lucknowi seekh kebabs, Chicken Shami kebabs and chicken Galouti kebabs. These frozen starters are hard to pass on. Made with super fresh ingredients, highly tender chicken meat and real Indian spices, our ready-to-eat snacks are highly delectable. We imbue them with palate-whetting aroma, tantalizing spiciness that gives fork-tender results.
Aren’t you tempted enough?


When some recipes register a full 10 on the joy-o-meter. And our recipes go up to 11.